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dosndonts's Journal

The fine line where a hairDO becomes a hairDON'T.
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Hair advice and banter for people who're smart.
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hairDO;–noun, plural -dos
1. the style in which a person's hair is cut, arranged, and worn; coiffure.
2. the hair itself, esp. when newly or elaborately arranged.
More DOs:
Welcome to DOs 'n DON'Ts; a hair community for people who are smart. We're still a new community so be aware that posting will be slow for a bit, but be assured that no post goes unanswered! Before posting please take some time to overview our rules and guidelines so that we can better help you and so that this community is run smoothly.

1. Joining this community. We're nice people who enjoy exchanging advice, ideas, and information on hair.
2. Reading the rules (Below and can be found in the sidebar of the community). Reading the rules makes sure that everything runs smoothly in here.
3. Being active in this community. Getting input is "Quid pro Quo". Don't expect people to give your post the time of day if you don't do the same for other members. It only takes a couple minutes to reply, so do it!
4. Being a good sport. There's a chance you could have your picture posted as a DON'T. Just because you have terrible hair in one picture doesn't define who you are as a person so get over it and let it slide. No one will care about it tomorrow anyway.
5. Being witty. We like it when people have witty things to say in response to anything.

DON'Ts: (theRULES)
Please take the time to overview the following rules and guidelines. These rules can also be found on our sidebar in the layout of our community.

1. No trolling. Only members can post and comment, sorry, anon posters. Anyone found trolling on an actual journal will be banned and reported. Members are asked not to acknowledge trolls.
2. Do not contact the mods outside of this community. If you should have any problems, please, contact one of the mods here. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned and reported. Your mods are:
3. Do not complain about being posted. So you've been posted as a DON'T or maybe even a DO and you don't like it? Tough. This community is for discussing what everyone's idea of good hair and bad hair is; we're not here to make fun of people so get over it.
4. Asking any question having to do with Hailey Williams' hair. This is not madradhair and we don't care to talk about Hailey Williams' mediocre hair in the first place. Just know that your post will not make it through the moderation queue. If it's done again, you will be banned.
5. Please be civil to eachother. We're here to have fun and being rude and mean discourages other members to participate. Try and remember that everyone has an opinion whether it's the same as yours or not. If it becomes a problem, you will be removed from the community.
Posting Guidelines and Formats:
When posting please remember that this is a moderated community and it could take some time to approve the post. Before pressing that "post" button review your post. Make sure you've included all information needed for people to answer your questions or that your pictures are of the right dimensions. Check the tags and/or memories. We tag everything in this community so make sure to check the tags and memories to see if your question hasn't been asked and answered beforehand. Please also check to make sure your html is correct. We hate rejecting posts because of this and it's a pain in the ass for you to correct.

1. Haircut/Color Help Looking for a change? We love helping people out but in order to do that you need to make sure your post is detailed. When making your post, please be very specific and make sure you include very clear pictures of yourself. Please take into account the following variables as well:

  • Skintone/Eye color (for coloring questions)

  • Texture of hair

  • How big or little of a change you're looking for

  • How much time in a day you're willing to spend on your hair

  • Face shape

  • Is your hair curly/wavy/straight?

These questions, although small, help immensely in providing ideas for a new color and/or style. Posts fulfilling these questions are the ones that usually get the most helpful and friendly replies.
2.Before and After Posts and posting pictures We really like Before and After posts because it goes to show that people actually take our advice. Please remember though when you're posting pictures that our layout is sensitive to oversized pictures and it does stretch the layout. So please remember before making a post with pictures:

  • Keep all but one picture under a lj cut. If you are unfamiliar with a lj cut, go here.

  • We reject posts with pictures that stretch the layout. No picture should exceed the width of 460 pixels.

3.Weekly theme This is what makes this community unique. Every week we decide on a weekly theme for an open discussion on what we think are the major DOs and DON'T of hair. This week's them is:
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When participating in the topic we ask that you post pictures with your idea on what is a DO and DON'T so that at the end of the week we can vote on the best DO and DON'T for our archive. Saturday and Sundays are for deciding on a new topic.