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The fine line where a hairDO becomes a hairDON'T.
There's got to be a way..... 
26th-Apr-2008 11:38 am
Years ago I had a plethora of extensions/anime style buns/locks wigs you name it. But years passed on and I am down to one box I never look in only a few nights ago I got bored and come to find out I have tons of old stuff to do extensions and whatnot and a bunch of the hairpiece scrunchies that I did anime style buns with only they are sooooo matted and beyond horrible looking I wanted to get some new ones. Then it hit me....there has to be a way I can make them myself with what I have. I remember a site years ago that gave examples on how to do basic stuff like make your own fake bangs and starter extensions only now I cannot find anything sssooooooo can anybody point me in the right direction??? Below are 2 pictures I could find of me with the buns in and also a link to somewhat of what I'm trying to make. I'm going to cross post this to other communities I'm sure so please if anybody can point me anywhere that would be great!

Thanks in advance ~

What I'd like to make (I have various colors and all that jazz already)

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